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Tài Liệu Thiên nhiên Đà Nẵng Damage caused by Merremia eberhardtii and Merremia boisiana to biodiversity of Da Nang City

Tổng quan tài liệu

About 2,000 ha of a special use forest in the Son Tra Nature Reserve and the protected forest at Nam Hai Van Pass, Da Nang City are severely affected by Merremia eberhardtii. This invasive woody vine has been rapidly spreading across these protected areas since 1999. In the near-by Ba Na Nui Chua Nature Reserve, about 300 ha of forest are affected by M. boisiana. In all locations these woody vines are climbing and covering the forest canopy, killing the trees and plants below by preventing them from absorbing sunlight. The presence of these invasive plants also heightens the risk of forest fires as their large, thick leaves catch fire easily, even when green. Managing these harmful vines is a significant challenge and an important one if native biodiversity is to be conserved. Manual clearing has been applied resulting in the suppression of vine growth, but is not feasible for application over large areas. A management strategy involving chemical and manual removal followed by land rehabilitation is being developed for the long term maintenance of these protected areas.